What We Do

Input-Interpretation-Output characterizes every training, coaching and consulting process. Neuro athletic training in particular is based on this principle. Our company’s core competence is sports specific neuro athletic training to reduce pain, help the athletes to stay healthy and enhance their performance. Since the FIFA World Cup 2014 at the latest has neuro athletic training been an integral part of top class sport. Input1st is a modern and innovative start up that is built on an extensive network of a great many specialists thus integrating persons and knowledge from medicine, therapy, sports science and neuro athletic training. We, therefore, put the main focus of our work on a neuro athletic approach to training, rehabilitation and injury prevention. We have long and considerable experience in coaching world class athletes and developing upcoming sport talents.

The Process

The best athletes in the world have the best movement software. First, they receive clear sensory input from the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive system. Next, the brain analyses, processes and integrates the signals. Elite motor output is the result of high input quality and perfect data integration. We train this process with athletes to make them more effective, more efficient and more precise in their movements.

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Who We Are

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Steffen Tepel

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Next to his athletic career (German National Team Nordic combined, junior world champion and worldcup competitor nordic combined) he studied sport science at the university of Freiburg. 2011 he was honored as the best Student Athlete in Germany and inducted into the “hall of fame” of university sports. After his athletic career he switched to the trainer bench. From 2013 – 2014 he was the headcoach of the Swiss National Nordic Combine Team and won with his athlete Tim Hug the first World Cup win for the swiss team since 1994. In the follow-up he coached the Swiss National Team during the Olympic Games 2014 in Sotchi. After these successful years he got trained by Dr. Erc Cobb in applying neurocentric training in top-class sport. Today, he works with professional Footballplayers and young talents to keep them injury-free and efficient with neuro athletic training. However, winter sport is still a matter to his heart. He still works with international Olympic Athletes and Worldcup Starters from a variety of Olympic sports.

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Malte Hartmann

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Sport, and all its facets has been an integral part of his life. He startet as youth squat member in tennis, later on he did a wide variety of sports (football, basketball, free skiing, surfen), some of them he still practices today. Thereby he took an early interest in the movement control and performance enhancement of the human body. His Bachelor- and Masterstudies at the Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen with the major subject health promotion and many more different trainings got him off the ground to work as Performance and rehab Coach. But only with the Z-Health Curriculum of Dr. Eric Cobb he has learned to understand the most important element of human movement the nervous system. Since March 2020, after completing the complete Z-Health-Curriculum, Malte has been one of the first Z-Health Master Practitioners worldwide. In the meantime Malte works with various “Bundesliga” players, national players and upcoming tennis and football talents.

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Domnik Graf

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Dominik Graf who holds a degree in sports science decided against the profession of a physical education teacher and took up a carrier as performance and rehabilitation coach. He has gathered extensive experience with teams and individual athletes in this field. Beyond his studies he has acquired his profound knowledge mainly in English speaking countries. As one of the first neuro athletic trainers in Germany he was trained by Dr. Eric Cobb and his Z-Health Curriculum. The focus of his today’s work is training the brain and the nervous system. This means improving movement quality and overcoming compensations by a targeted training of the input systems (visual, vestibular, proprioceptive). Dominik works with top athletes from different fields as well as upcoming tennis and football talents.

What We Offer

Athletes Development

Neuroathletictraining: We offer a holistic training approach consistent with the individual and sports specific needs of each athlete. Every neuro athletic training session is based on the athlete’s nervous system and therefore asunique as your fingerprint. Training with us is always 1 on 1, one athlete with one of our neuro athletic coaches.

Neuro-Screening: A functional screening of the nervous system. The starting point of every training process always is an individualized screening of the motion controlling neurological systems. Due to daily impact (practice/games/social environment) as well as resulting from injuries our nervous system is subject to continuous change. In order to keep the nervous system in good balance, we recommend doing a thorough neuro-screening every 6-8 weeks. By screening the nervous system on a regular basis, we can identify compensation strategies early on and deal with them. That is how we can minimize the risk of injuries and loss of performance of an athlete.

Brain Endurance Training

Based on a psychobiological model we offer Brain Endurance Training (BET) for athletic performance environments. With BET we lower the athlete’s perceived exhaustion during sporting activities through combined training of physical and mental exercises. For training interventions we use the SOMA Neuro Performance Technology to provide individual testing and ongoing sport specific online programming. The athletes can do BET with their mobile phones or tablets anywhere, wherever they like. Constant baseline testing serves as success monitoring and training adjustments.

Inhouse Education

We offer customized, detailed knowledge transfer to associations, clubs, rehabilitation centers, clinics and companies.  After an in-depth status quo analysis we share and apply our knowledge about neuro athletic training according to the customers’ objectives and time resources.


We advise and support clubs, rehabilitation centers, clinics and start-ups in the fields of sport, medicine and health care and assist them in the implementation of neuro athletic know-how in many different projects.



Head Coach Steffen Tepel led the Swiss nordic combiner Tim Hug to the first World Cup win for Switzerland since 1994, which qualified him for the Olympic Wintergames in 2014


The Term neuro athletic training emerged in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil


Germany won the FIFA World Cup


Olympic athlete Fabian Rießle trained by Steffen Tepel won the olympic silver medal in individual competition and the gold medal in the team competition


The first neuro athletic training conference worldwide takes place in Munich


TV  “ZDF Sportreportage“ reported on neuro athletic training and INPUT1st co-founder Steffen Tepel


“DAZN” shows a documentation about neuro athletic training in the German BUNDESLIGA and about INPUT1st Co-Founder Malte Hartmann


Foundation of INPUT1st



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